Here are some small projects that I've worked on. Hover on a card to see the languages I used.

⚙️: HTML5, CSS3

Personal Site

The website that you're on right now! A simple static site built with pure HTML/CSS, using grid/flexbox for positioning.

⚙️: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript


A small calculator I built with Javascript, primarily using the (flawed)   eval() method.

⚙️: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript


Very simplistic JS app dealing with text, providing a Save/Load function and word/character counts. WIP.

⚙️: Python 2.7

Two Player Snake

Snake game made in Python, using TkInter and pygame. Made a local 1v1 gamemode where players compete against each other.

⚙️: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript


Tic-tac-toe game where a player plays against a CPU. Using a minimax algorithm, the CPU is unbeatable.